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Beer And Wine Packages: An Easy Way To Take Any Event To The Next Level

Are you planning a fun event or party in New Zealand? Are you looking for a hassle-free way to enhance the experience for your valued guests? Look no further than our beer and wine packages, which are a convenient way to take any party to the next level. 

What’s a party without delicious drinks and tasty snacks? These packages take the burden of providing drinks off your shoulders, giving you one less thing to worry about. Let’s review what these offerings are and how they can benefit your next gathering. 

What Are Beer And Wine Packages?

Essentially, beer and wine packages are convenient services designed to provide guests with unlimited access to a selection of beverages throughout the full duration of an event. The price of your beer and wine package will depend on the number of guests at your party and the length of your event. So, you can easily get services that accommodate your group size and event duration. 

Here at The Cocktail Guy, our beer and wine packages are priced on a per-head basis and start from as low as $29 per person to $49 per person, with the price increasing the longer an event is. For example, if you’re throwing a two-hour party, your package will cost $29 per person. However, if your event is three hours long, the price would be $39 per person, and it would be $49 per person for a four-hour event.

The beauty of these beer and wine packages is that they’re comprehensive - all beer and wine are unlimited, so you don’t need to stress about sticking to a limit. You and your guests can enjoy all the fun benefits of drinks at a party without worry. Plus, we take care of everything else needed, such as glassware and ice buckets.

Basically, all you need to do is pay the right price, and we’ll take care of everything. As any party planner knows, having a set plan is essential for any party, and a beer and wine package is the perfect way to tick the ‘get beverages’ box off on your to-do list.

If you’re more interested in creative and delicious cocktails for your gathering, we also have plenty of packages to cater to those needs as well.

Spicing Up Your Even With Beer And Wine Packages

Still on the fence? Here are a few prime reasons why these practical packages may be right for your next event:

Easy Convenience. The most prominent benefit you’ll immediately notice is just how convenient a beer and wine package is. Instead of stressing over purchasing enough drinks and managing how much everyone gets, you can just pay for a package and move on to other party matters. This streamlined approach saves quite a lot of time and effort and is much more hassle-free.

Cost-Effectiveness. Beer and wine packages provide excellent value for money, especially for events with a sizable guest list. With unlimited beverages at a fixed per-head rate, hosts can accurately budget for the event without unexpected expenses - and without the need to head out mid-party to restock on drinks. Additionally, the inclusive nature of these packages means guests can enjoy a variety of tasty drinks without worrying about additional costs or charges.

Versatility. The straightforwardness of these packages means that they’re a great choice for nearly any kind of event. Corporate functions, wedding receptions, birthday parties and even gatherings that are just for fun can all be enhanced with a comprehensive beer and wine package. Because they’re priced based on how many guests will be served, you can easily know how much you’ll pay, thus helping you stay within your budget. 

Better Guest Experience. No one wants their planned event to be boring or generic. Providing guests with unlimited, delicious beer and wine adds an element of carefree luxury and indulgence to your gathering. Your guests can relax and socialise, trying different drinks and enjoying the fact that their beverage needs are fully catered to.

Professional Presentation For A More Sophisticated Atmosphere. Our professional presentation elements can add some class to your event. Elegant glassware, ice buckets and more will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your event, only adding to the fun and decadence that the drinks bring. Well-presented beverages contribute to the overall ambience and atmosphere, elevating the event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Who doesn’t want a night of catering and pampering? Our services could be what you need to really step up your game.

Impress Your Guests With Beer And Wine Packages

Are you intrigued? Contact our team at The Cocktail Guy, and we’ll see what we can do for you. We specialise in providing top-tier drinks, from delicious wine to creative cocktails, for New Zealand events that raise the bar for what great gatherings are. 

To speak to our professional team, you can easily reach us on 0273355133 or use our contact page.

Make your next event the best one yet with The Cocktail Guy.

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