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Congratulations on your engagement! As you start planning for your big day, a cocktail engagement party is one of the first events you'll likely want to organize. With The Cocktail Guy's bespoke cocktail engagement party service, we'll help you create an unforgettable and stylish event that reflects your love story. We transform ordinary venues into magical experiences, making your special day extraordinary.

With a menu crafted by our expert mixologists, your guests will be treated to an array of dazzling cocktails, each telling its own unique story. From classic concoctions to innovative creations, we tailor every drink to reflect your taste and style. The Cocktail Guy is not just about serving drinks; we're about creating memories and setting the perfect atmosphere for your celebration.

If you need to add a personal touch to your event, our team can also create custom cocktails inspired by you and your partner. We will work with you to know your preferences and prepare a signature drink to wow your guests and make them feel the love in every sip.



Our Bespoke Cocktail Menu


Our expert mixologists carefully curate our cocktail menu, ensuring every drink is a unique and delicious experience. We use only the finest ingredients and spirits to create our cocktails, elevating your event to a new level of sophistication.

Some popular options from our menu include:


Classic Cocktails

Whether it's a lively engagement gathering or a chic Hens Cocktail Party, our cocktails promise an irresistible blend of tradition and flair, making every moment unforgettable. From the crisp and refreshing Martini to the sultry and complex Negroni, our skilled mixologists pour passion and precision into every glass, promising an irresistible blend of tradition and flair.


Signature Creations


Our Signature Creations are where we let our creativity and imagination run wild, crafting unique and innovative drinks that will leave your guests in awe. These cocktails are inspired by current trends, local ingredients, and international flavors, making them a must-try for adventurous palates. Our mixologists take pride in pushing the boundaries and creating something unforgettable for your special event.


For non-alcohol drinkers or designated drivers, our Mocktails menu offers a variety of refreshing and tasty options that are just as enjoyable as their alcoholic counterparts. We don't believe in compromising flavor so you can expect the same quality and attention to detail in our non-alcoholic drinks.

Cocktail Engagement Party
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Cocktail Waiter & Bartenders For Private Parties

Add a touch of elegance and expertise to your cocktail engagement party with The Cocktail Guy's exceptional cocktail waiter and bartender service. Our professional team not only serves your guests with precision and flair but also enhances the overall ambiance of your event.

Each bartender from our team is trained to mix, muddle, and shake the perfect cocktails, ensuring your guests receive the highest quality of service. Their friendly demeanor and expert skills at the bar station are key components of our corporate catering event services, designed to keep your guests entertained and impressed throughout the celebration. 


Professional Mobile Bar Set-up

With The Cocktail Guy's professional mobile bar set-up, you don't have to worry about where to serve the drinks at your engagement party. Our mobile bars are sleek and modern, equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to create high-quality cocktails on the spot.

Whether you're hosting your event in a private residence or a venue, we can set up our mobile bar to fit seamlessly into the space and match your chosen theme. Our team handles everything from the set-up to clean-up, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day without any stress.


Auckland's Finest Cocktail Engagement Party Service

When you have a party or event, making sure everyone feels welcome and happy is super important. That's why we've picked the best people to serve drinks at your event. Our team knows all about being great hosts, so that every guest feels like they're getting VIP treatment.

Our bartenders and waiters are really good at adding a fancy touch to your event. They know how to mix up special drinks that taste amazing and look pretty, too. They're also great at keeping an eye on everyone's glasses, making sure they're never empty for long.

They don't just serve drinks; they make sure they do it in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable and taken care of. They're friendly and know just how to fit into your event smoothly, so all your guests have a great time from start to finish.

Book Your Cocktail Engagement Party With Us

Ready to plan the perfect cocktail engagement party? Book your party with The Cocktail Guy now. Our bespoke cocktail menu, professional staff, and mobile bar set-up are just some ways we can make your special day truly unforgettable. Remember to keep the fun safe—please ensure everyone's safety  as you celebrate in style!

Let us help you celebrate your love story with style and culture. Contact us now to book our services for your cocktail engagement party in Auckland!

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